Overseas travel experience talks .

I hope you like traveling.

I hope you like traveling. I have an overseas travel experience talk. Last month, I went to Hawaii with my family. Dazzling sunshine, the sea breeze that blows through, the moment when the sunset sunk on the horizon remained impressive enough not to be words. It was nice to have refreshed my body and mind. The hotel where we stayed was nice in Oriental style. It changed completely with the bustle of the main street. It was quiet and I felt the flow of time and I felt elegant. The breakfast at the hotel was delicious. The place where it is terrace, breakfast looking at the blue sea was the best. I felt the pineapple juice tasty and impressed. Gas lights are fished at night. I hope there is atmosphere. I like romance. I thought it would be nice to stay like this. I suddenly thought that the trouble was a little thing. I think that the impression will change depending on where you stay at the hotel. In addition, I would like to take a journey to enjoy.

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