Overseas travel experience talks .

I have been to the overseas trip only once.

I have been to the overseas trip only once. But it was a very nice trip that I wanted to go again. The destination is ""Australia"". Australia is very wide, is not it? Among them, I traveled to Cairns. In the trip, I enjoyed the two World Heritage Sites called Kuranda Nature Park and the Great Barrier Reef. In Kuranda, I took a railroad in full of nature. There was explanation here that it is a place used even from the car window of that world. At the highlight the train also slowed down speed and I was able to enjoy a very nice scenery. Dive in the ocean of the Great Barrier Reef by snorkeling. Also, I looked at the deep blue sea with a helicopter from the sky. On overseas trips, there are lots of fun such as feeling of liberation which can not be enjoyed in Japan. Australia was able to come comfortably without feeling the time difference so much. Because local people were also very kind and warm, it is recommended for those who are considering traveling abroad for the first time.

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