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The memorable overseas trip I have been to date is Danang, a port town in ...

The memorable overseas trip I have been to date is Danang, a port town in Vietnam. A two-seater bike runs through the coastal road. The East China Sea spreads to the right, and a beautiful sandy shoreline continues as far as the eye can see. Danang is a place filled with nice memories by going on a trip for the first time, with a peaceful and full of scent of tides. My friend worked in Vietnam and my house was Danang, so I tried going out with a question as to whether I would come to see this sea. I could see a lot of small boats, the wind was pleasant enough to forget the heat of the summer, it was exhilarating. There were various delicious gourmets in Vietnam, and we were able to enjoy a lot of dishes such as raw spring rolls wrapped with ""rice"" rice paper made of rice flour, shaked ice of Vietnam, ""Che"". The fruits of the southern country are also multicolored and vivid colors make me think of the south country. Ethnic costumes in Vietnam also became very fit for Vietnamese who are bold, sexy and stylish with slits in their waist. It looks a bit like China dress with national costume called Ao Zai. Vietnam was a city of warfare in the past, but now it is peaceful and I feel like the idyllic coastline scenery has not left the old nails. I have experienced a nice trip and still a memorable experience is burning to my mind.

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